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10 Types of End-User Computing

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End-user computing is a class of technology that allows non-programmers to achieve results that traditionally would have required help from a programmer. This requires specialized environments and tools that allow users to change things with technical aspects such as management of computing resources handled automatically. End-user computing has significant advantages as it allows domain experts to build their own tools. The following are common types of end-user computing.

Business Rules

Tools that allow users to configure business rules from a user interface.


Tools that allow users to explore data to build dashboards and reports.


Constrained scripting languages designed for end-users. For example, an office productivity suite that allows users to change a wide range of information processing functions with scripts.


An application or web platform that allows users to automate things with bots implemented with a user interface or scripting language.


Highly configurable software that allows users to achieve a high degree of customization without touching code.


A toolkit for changing the user interface of an application with a skin.


Tools that allow users to change and extend games.

Visual Programming

Visual environments that generate code. Possibly highly constrained to a particular task such as automating a robotic arm.

Fifth Generation Language

A programming language that seeks to solve problems input by users as opposed to accepting algorithm input from users.

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence is a class of software that can learn based on exposure to training data. Tools that allow end-users to train AI to solve a particular set of problems is a potential alternative to coding.
Overview: End-User Computing
Technologies that allows non-programmers to achieve results that traditionally would have required help from a computer programmer.
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