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15 Examples of Business Data

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Business data is information that is captured and stored by a business as a digital asset that may support strategy, decision making and day-to-day operations. The following are common examples of business data.

Leads & Opportunities

Lists of potential customers.


Customer details such as name and address.


Records of commercial transactions such as customer purchases.


Records of interactions with customers and other stakeholders such as investors, employees and the media. For example, records of visits to your website.

Social Media

Data regarding your target markets or reputation that is collected from social media sources.


A product catalog that captures the specifications of your products.


Employee data such as skill inventories, salary and performance management data.


Information created by employees and partners that is stored as documents and media.


Communications such as business emails and records of customer inquiries.


Information that pertains to business processes such as manufacturing products, fulfilling orders and supporting customers.

Supply Chain

Supply chain data such as tracking your inventory in storage and transport.


Partner information such as data that is used to monitor the performance of suppliers.


Data that is used to identify, analyze and manage risk such as a database of historical construction projects that is used to estimate construction project risk.


Market data such as information about prices offered by competitors.


Industry data such as market size and market share data for a product category.
Overview: Business Data
Data that is captured and stored by a business as a digital asset that may support strategy, decision making and operations.
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