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8 Types of Design Unity

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Unity is a term for a design that fits together as a cohesive whole. This is a common design principle that is somewhat difficult to apply as is based on artistic insight as opposed to hard-and-fast rules. Nevertheless, it is a useful idea that suggests that designers take a step back and look at an entire design. The following are common elements of unity.


A design that looks as if it is equally weighted on opposite sides of its vertical center.


Elements with natural-looking proportions.


Elements are an appropriate size relative to each other. Physical things are typically designed to human scale.

Repetition & Rhythm

The design employs repetition and rhythm to create a sense of order, structure and consistency.


The design isn't so structured and ordered that it is boring. For example, elements may be contrasted for emphasis or to establish dominance.

Shape & Form

How well shapes blend together such that each element feels like a continuation of the design.

Negative Space

Effective use of negative space such as white space, textures and photos.

Layout & Composition

The overall structure of a design.
Overview: Design Unity
A design that fits together as a cohesive whole.
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