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What is the Attractiveness Principle?

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The attractiveness principle states that a design can't be all things to all people. No matter what you do, some people will dislike a design. As such, it is common for firms to design for an identified niche group such as a subculture who have similar tastes. Alternatively, large firms that need to capture significant market share may be conservative in design in an attempt to please as many people as possible.
Individual designers may have the confidence to design things that they love and let customers think what they want. This works best when a designer is in tune with a culture or subculture. Ideally the designer ends up leading such groups by creating new things people love without any sense of compromise. Such designers will always have detractors. As the cliche goes, having a lot of critics is often a sign you're doing something right.
Overview: Attractiveness Principle
Design Principle
Creative Works
A design can't be attractive to all people.
Avoiding misguided attempts to please everyone.
Viewing criticism as a potentially positive sign.
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