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Customer Service

4 Examples of Customer Facing

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Customer facing describes any role, service, technology or information that is directed at customers. The following are illustrative examples.


Customer facing describes any role that involves interacting with customers face-to-face, over the phone or using a communication tool such as email. For example, a waiter is customer facing whereas a software developer at a bank might never meet a customer.


Organizations typical have services that are customer facing such as customer service and services that are for internal customers such as human resources.


Technology products, services and self-service tools for customers. For example, a bank might have 50 internal systems and 5 systems that are customer facing such as bank machines and an internet banking website.


Information that you share with the public or individual customers. For example, an airline that shares personalized statistics with a customer on an app such as how many miles they have traveled with the airline.
Overview: Customer Facing
A role, service, technology or information that is directed at customers.
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