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40 Examples of Collaboration Skills

Collaboration skills are talents, skills and knowledge that allow an individual to be productive and creative in groups. This relates to influencing, teamwork and the ability to involve a large number of stakeholders in your work. Collaboration skills are highly valued by employers as it is common for employees to be disconnected, disengaged, overly political and overly independent such that the organization fails to act together. The following are common examples of collaboration skills.
Building Rapport
Building Relationships
Challenging Assumptions
Clearing Issues
Conflict Resolution
Constructive Criticism
Cultural Capital
Delivering to Commitments
Emotional Intelligence
Handling Criticism
Handling Objections
Managing Expectations
Personal Resilience
Professional Networking
Public Speaking
Responsibility & Accountability
Setting Expectations
Social Perceptiveness
Sustaining Relationships
Taking Action Items
Taking Initiative
Tolerance for Disagreement
Verbal Communication
Win-win Thinking
Written Communication

Detailed Examples

Listening with intent to understand.
Giving presentations that clarify an issue or build support for change.
An investment banker who has the cultural capital to influence other investment bankers.
An IT manager who takes initiative to collaborate with other IT teams.
A software developer who takes action items in meeting, manages expectations and delivers to commitments.
A project sponsor with high tolerance for disagreement who is able to clear complex and emotionally charged issues.
A socially perceptive business analyst who is able to influence by reading emotion and intentions to nudge conversations in a productive direction.
A senior technologist who is able to tell the story of why a change is urgent such that they generate support for a project.
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