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17 Examples of Collaboration

 , August 05, 2021
Collaboration is the process of working with others. This is a basic process that allows groups to accomplish shared goals. The following are illustrative examples of collaboration.
A salesperson who builds relationships with product engineers to better understand what they are selling.
An IT Manager who initiates a cost reduction initiative by engaging other managers in their department.
A product developer who facilitates an exchange of knowledge between business units.
A student who leads a group project by coordinating work efforts.
A project sponsor who organizes a multidisciplinary design charrette to produce a prototype.
A sales manager who provides constructive criticism to a sales team that is failing to close any deals.
A senior technologist who develops partnerships with other technology firms to produce an open source platform that solves a common problem.
A software developer who engages dozens of experts from multiple teams to resolve a severe technology outage.
The sponsor of a project who negotiates to get engineers from another business unit to contribute to their project.
A senior engineer who carefully listens to the concerns of a business unit to return a few days later to pitch a solution.
A university student who asks an expert for an interview that will help them to complete a school project.
A customer service manager in Berlin who organizes a call with a customer service team in New York to inquire how they handle a common problem.
A student who delivers their commitments to a group project with quality work that helps the team achieve a good grade.
A business analyst who clears issues on a project to keep things moving forward.
A manager who resolves conflict on their team by facilitating a meeting between two members that have failed to show each other proper respect.
A senior engineer who is flexible and open when junior engineers challenge their designs.
A junior engineer who challenges the architect of a project when they feel something doesn't make sense.

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