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Performance goals are targets for an employee's work that are agreed between the employee and their manager as part of goal setting. These goals are then used to evaluate performance at the end of a quarter, half-year or year. As these will be used to evaluate your performance it is important to push for achievable and relevant goals. The following are useful examples of performance goals that are measurable in line with the common requirement that goals be SMART.
Achieve 100% compliance with our customer service standards.
Achieve 7,000 subscriptions by the end of Q2.
Achieve a customer satisfaction rating of 95%.
Achieve a return on investment of 70%.
Achieve data quality of 100% for new customer data.
Achieve market share of 67%.
Achieve zero safety incidents.
Close sales of $900k in the quarter.
Complete 7 quality audits in the quarter.
Complete compliance training by [date].
Complete the [name] analysis by [date] to deliver 5-10 actionable recommendations.
Decrease cart abandonment rate by 5%.
Deliver [action item] on time and on budget.
Deliver accurate sales forecasts each month. Target: accurate within +/- 10%.
Deliver at least 7 presentations next year to improve public speaking skills.
Deliver code for the [project] with a defect rate of less than 5%.
Deliver the design for the [project] to schedule, budget and requirements.
Enter all required customer data within 5 days of order.
Fully comply with [regulation] by [date].
Grow brand recognition to 50% of target market.
Grow revenue by 25%.
Improve conversion rate to 3.5%.
Improve meeting management by sending a meeting agenda for 100% of team and project meetings.
Improve quality control to test 100% of units by Q3.
Improve relationship with [client]. Measurement: client feedback
Improve service ratings by 5%.
Improve speed of service by 20%.
Improve system uptime to 99.5%.
Improve the design quality of the [product] to improve reviews to an average of 4/5.
Improve the lead qualification process to help team achieve a win rate of 60%.
Improve the retention rate for new hires to 95%.
Improve the turnaround time for orders to 3 hours.
Improve user satisfaction with the [system] to 75%.
Increase average order amount to $70.
Increase customer engagement by 10%.
Increase customer retention rate to 97%.
Increase employee satisfaction to 85%.
Increase free account sign ups by 40%.
Increase gross margins by 5%.
Increase my organizational visibility. Measure: take on 5-10 action items in governance meetings.
Increase number of active clients to 400.
Increase order accuracy to 99.95%.
Increase production volumes by 10%.
Increase profitability by $4 million.
Increase repeat purchase rate to 70% of customers.
Increase team’s in-office attendance to 75% of business days.
Increase the one year free-to-paid conversion rate to 22%.
Increase visits by 15%.
Launch marketing campaigns to achieve market penetration of 10%.
Launch the [product] with sales of $1.2 in the first 6 months.
Make better use of space at the [facility] to defer the need to expand until at least [date].
Manage credit risk to reduce credit losses to $4 million next year.
Manage the [project] with a schedule and budget variance of +/- 5%.
Negotiate terms and price for the [service]. Target: discount of at least 50% off list.
Optimize pricing to grow net revenue by 10%.
Pass the ____ audit.
Reduce billing errors by 50%.
Reduce cost per [work item] by 20%.
Reduce customer acquisition cost to $40.
Reduce customer churn by 5%.
Reduce customer complaints by 30%.
Reduce number of information security incidents by 70%.
Reduce overhead costs by $1 million a year.
Reduce product returns by 35% over the post-holiday season.
Reduce recurring costs by $40,000 a month.
Reduce request backlog by 40%.
Reduce rework costs by $400,000.
Reduce the cost of defects by 40%.
Reduce time-to-market to 3 months by launching the [product] by [date].
Resolve customer complaints within 5 hours on average.
Resolve incidents within 3 hours.
Respond promptly to customer inquiries to achieve a first contact resolution rate of 90%.
Select a platform for the [project] that meets 100% of requirements.
Solve customer problems to achieve high customer satisfaction. Measurement: feedback from customers.
Upsell to 100 or more customers in March.
It is common for priorities and work assignments to change after you set your goals. In this case, it can be helpful to get confirmation in writing that your goals have changed and to establish new performance goals.

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