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62 Examples of Team Principles

Team principles are foundational rules that a team adopts to guide team culture, decision making and standards of professionalism. These only have value where they are actually used by your team to resolve questions and set expectations. For example, one word cliches such as "integrity" are unlikely to be referenced at all. Team principles are a reflection of a team whereby creative teams tend to make brave statements in their principles. The following are illustrative examples of team principles.
Disagree and commit
Customers first
Dream big
Always take ownership
Take responsibility
Test new ideas
Make design beautiful
Teach and learn
Relentlessly seek greatness
Do your research
Work to a higher standard
Act like an owner
People first
Strength in our differences
Service to the customer
Respect for the individual
Think how the customer feels
Action is our first instinct
Do the right thing
Get it done
Grow every day
Pay it forward
Find a better way
Set high standards
Solve for the customer
Grow with our customers
Best answer wins
Raise the bar
Take intelligent risks
Think like an underdog
Be constructive
Bold yet humble
Research, experiment and be curious
Deliver service excellence
Bias for action
More with less
We are agents of change
Make it fun
Grit and determination
Default to transparency
Win a lot
Say it, do it
Constant change
Make it better every day
Give back
Advocate for the customer
Value time
Reimagine the possible
Service mindset
Be the change you seek
Relationships matter
Play as a team
Treat others with respect
Think like a customer
Dare to be different
Act upon opportunities
Learn fast from success and failure
Be competitive through flexibility
Seek relentless improvement
Foster a contrarian spirit
Do the extra that makes it great
Push through to completion

Team Culture

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