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Team Management

62 Responsibilities of a Team Manager

A team manager is responsible for the direction and control of an organizational unit. This is a leadership function that may include authority and accountability for projects, processes, assets, performance and compliance. Team managers are the face of their team who are responsible for securing resources, collaborating across an organization and managing relationships with stakeholders often including senior managers. The following are common job responsibilities of a team manager.
Assigning Work
Budget Control
Budget Process
Business Alignment
Clearing Issues
Client Relationships
Client Satisfaction
Cost Control
Decision Making
Delegating Responsibility
Employee Satisfaction
Goal Setting
Knowledge Management
Lessons Learned
Managing Commitments
Managing Expectations
Meeting Commitments
Metrics & Reporting
Operational Processes
Partner Management
Performance Management
Performance Monitoring
Pitching Strategy
Problem Solving
Process Improvement
Progress Monitoring
Recognizing Team Members
Relationship Building
Requirements Management
Resolving Conflict
Resource Utilization
Return on Investment
Risk Management
Setting Deadlines
Setting Expectations
Setting Priorities
Stakeholder Management
Strategic Planning
Tactical Execution
Team Communications
Team Culture
Team Direction
Team Engagement
Team Motivation
Team Productivity
Team Strategy
Team Structure
Team Transparency
Work Estimates
Work Quality

Team Management

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