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88 Examples of Team Activities

Team activities are exercises, outings and events that are intended to build team culture and comradery. These can be designed to align to the interests and culture of your team. Alternatively, they can be designed to break rigid patterns of office politics with something new that puts people out of their element a little. The following are illustrative examples of team activities.
Acting workshops
Art activities
Beach days
Board games
Book club
Brainstorming activities
Comedy club night
Community service projects
Company picnics
Company retreats
Cooking class
Costume parties
Creative reuse workshops e.g. build furniture from reclaimed wood
Cultural events
Dance class
Design workshops
Dinner cruises
Do-it-yourself workshops
Employee recognition events
Escape rooms
Factory tours
Farm visits
Filmmaking activities e.g. office documentary or mockumentary
Flower arranging class
Food tasting events
Game nights
Gardening activities
Horseback riding
Ice breaker games e.g. two truths and a lie
Ice skating
Karaoke nights
Kite flying
Laser tag
Lunch and learns
Movie nights
Museum visits
Obstacle courses
Online activities i.e. for remote teams
Paper airplane competition
Participate in local cultural events e.g. dragon boat racing
Photo scavenger hunt
Public speaking activities
Robotics workshops or competitions
Roller skating
Scavenger hunts
Silent line-up – line up by some factor such as seniority without talking
Soccer games
Sports events
Sports leagues e.g. forming a company team
Storytelling workshop
Strategic Planning Session
Talent shows
Team birthday parties e.g. a short activity with cake
Team coffee breaks
Team dinner
Team lunch
Theatrical productions e.g. see a broadway show
Theme parks
Training sessions
Trivia games
Video games, particularly mini games
Visiting company facilities e.g. your data centers
Water fights
Wilderness retreats
Year-end parties
Yearly kickoff meeting

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