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4 Examples of On-Demand

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On demand is a business model that allows customers to use a resource when they need it. The following are illustrative examples.


Utilities such as electricity from a grid that is used by customers as needed.

Cloud Computing

Cloud computing is based on platforms that allow customers to use resources such as computing, data storage and networks as needed and relinquish resources when they are no longer required.


A service that allows customers to access media such as movies or music at any time. This differs from old media such as a television show that only plays at a certain time.


On demand can be used to describe any service that allows usage to be scaled up and down quickly. For example, consultants that can be billed by the hour or day with no long term commitment can be viewed as an on-demand service.


On-demand is typically metered such that customers only pay for what they use. Alternatively, it may be based on unlimited access to resources for a monthly service fee.
Overview: On-Demand
A business model that allows customers to use a resource when they need it.
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