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7 Examples of Intangible Value

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Intangible value is value created or owned by a business that has no physical form. Historically, firms mostly produced physical products and owned physical property such as factories. This has changed, as it is common for the revenue and assets of a firm to be largely based on things that can't be touched. The following are illustrative examples of intangible value.

Customer Experience

Customer experience such as the usability of a device or service on a flight.


The identity and reputation of a brand.

Organizational Culture

A firm with a productive and creative organizational culture that regularly produces innovation where others struggle.


Talent in areas such as leadership, design, engineering, marketing and sales.


Practical knowledge that allows you to do real things.

Intellectual Property

Intellectual property such as trade secrets, designs, patents, copyright, trademarks and trade dress.


Relationships with customers, employees, partners and communities.
Overview: Intangible Value
Value created or owned by a business that has no physical form.
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