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11 Types of Brand Storytelling

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Brand storytelling is the use of storytelling techniques to promote or to shape the identity of a brand. Storytelling is the art of communicating information and emotion in an interesting way. This is rather important to branding as customers are flooded with brand information and only pay attention when something catches their eye. The following are common types of brand storytelling.


The story of why your brand exists.


Painting a compelling picture of the future of your company, brand and products.


Telling the story of your past as a company or brand.

Founders & Employees

The story of your people.

Organizational Culture

Many firms have had success publicizing their unique organizational culture.


Some brands are based on the true stories of people. Others develop a fictional story based around characters such as mascots.

Advertising & Promotion

Advertising and promotional content such as video and print ads.


Customer stories such as unique uses of your products.


Sponsor interesting events and then tell the story.


Explain the positive impact of your brand on the environment and communities. Avoid greenwashing.


Tell the story of your product with interesting details about ingredients, engineering or manufacturing processes.
Overview: Brand Storytelling
The use of storytelling to build a valuable brand.
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