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9 Examples of High Touch

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High touch is any business process that requires extensive human attention. These are typically areas where automation reduces the value of a process because humans add significant value to it. The following are illustrative examples.


A high touch trade is an exchange of value that is negotiated between traders before being entered into an electronic order. For example, large trades of stock may be negotiated between traders representing large buyers and sellers without being offered to the stock market.


High touch sales is any sale that requires extensive interaction between a customer and salesperson. This can include the sales of high value consumer goods such as vehicles and complex sales to businesses such as software sales.


High touch support is an operating model that allows a customer to contact a human when they have a problem. This term implies a high level of service such as a dedicated account representative who immediately returns calls. In some cases, large accounts are offered high touch support while everyone else is directed to a customer service call center or self-service tools.

Customer Service

High touch customer service implies human attention to a customer's needs such as a luxury hotel that provides a vast array of services in a friendly and diligent manner.

Professional Services

Professional services such as a doctor, lawyer or dentist that involves working closely with clients or patients to address their problems.

Personal Services

Personal services such as a hair stylist or tutor.

Home Services

Home services such as an interior designer or carpenter who deliver work to your personal requirements.

Business Services

Business services that are based on human-to-human interaction as opposed to automation. For example, a designer who designs a custom user interface for a client to their requirements.

Business Processes

High touch can be used to describe internal business processes that are social or creative in nature such that they defy automation. For example, a product design process that requires extensive interaction with customers and creative sessions such as a charrette.


The following is a basic overview of high touch with additional examples.
Overview: High Touch
Any business process or service that requires extensive human attention.
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