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5 Examples of a Testbed

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A testbed is a facility for conducting rigorous tests. The following are common types of testbed.


The term testbed is primarily associated with the testing of aircraft engines. This typically means fixing the engine to a fixed location and testing it on the ground. Engines are also tested on a "flying testbed" meaning an aircraft fitted with both its original engines and an engine that's in development.


Testbeds are used to test rocket engines and a variety of components including space communication systems. This includes software simulators as well as physical facilities.


Testing facilities such as a model farm that try new agricultural techniques.


A sandbox is a virtualized software environment that allows programmers or users to make changes without fear of impacting real business data or processes.


Testbed is a common way to describe testing rooms at robotics facilities. For example, a testbed may allow robot driven processes such as manufacturing steps to be tested.
Overview: Testbed
Business Experiments
A facility for robust testing of designs, processes, methods or technologies.
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