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64 Examples of Team Strengths

A team strength is a competitive advantage that helps a team to achieve its goals. This can include elements of talent, culture, leadership, values, processes and tools. It is common to identify team strengths as part of a swot analysis or similar planning exercise. The following are common examples of a team strength.
Accountability - owning mistakes
Aligned to organization's goals
Aligned to organization's values
Bias for Action - aggressively moving things forward
Brave communication - no fear of criticism
Candor & honesty
Challenging assumptions
Constructive criticism - designed to help not shoot down
Decision making - timely and reasonable
Defeat of groupthink
Defensive pessimism - planning for how things might go wrong
Delivering results each month
Effective communications
Efficient meetings
Efficient planning
Efficient structure / clear roles
Efficient use of resources
Embrace of change
Engaged team members
Engaged with customers / stakeholders
Entrepreneurial spirit
Executive communication
Feedback - correcting problems early and often
Handling criticism
Hands-on - everyone is willing to delve into problems
High standards of work
Incentives are working
Industry relationships / connections
Issue clearing
Lightweight processes
Long term plan
Marketing the value of team to the organization
Mature processes
Meeting commitments to each other
Meeting commitments to stakeholders
Members are credible / keep promises
Optimization - measuring and improving
Ownership - problems are owned by everyone on team
Politeness is the norm
Problem solving - addressing root cause of problems
Processes are measured and improved
Productive office environment
Productive systems / technologies
Productive team members
Productive work from home processes / tools
Promotions / recognition based on potential and results
Realism - facing weaknesses and the strengths of competitors
Respectful environment
Risk management
Room for creativity - aggressive pursuit of non-obvious ideas of value
Sense of purpose - what we do is important
Sense of urgency - respect for time
Sense of values / ethics
Stakeholder relationships
Supporting each other
Work ethic
Work quality
Work throughput

Team Culture

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