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11 Examples of High Availability

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High availability is a service that is designed and operated to minimize downtime. It is common for high availability techniques to achieve an availability of over 99.99%. This translates to 52.56 minutes of downtime a year. The following are common high availability techniques.

Reliability Engineering

Designing and building components to be reliable over time in a variety of real world conditions.

Change Management

Controlling change to an environment using a managed process that requires extensive testing before changes are launched to production.

Configuration Management

Tracking the configuration and design of production to support activities such as troubleshooting and rollback to a stable state.

Capacity Management

Managing the capacity of resources such as licenses, storage and computing.

Runbook Automation

Automation of support, operations and incident response processes.

Load Balancing

Distributing workloads across multiple resources using techniques such as cloud computing.

Failure Detection

Automatically detecting failures.


Automatically moving workloads from failed resources to functioning resources.

Service Desk

Providing a single contact for users to report incidents.

Incident Management

Rapidly escalating incidents to the people in a position to fix things. Restoring service in the quickest way possible.

Problem Management

Following up on incidents to determine root cause and implement fixes and changes to prevent future incidents.
Overview: High Availability
Definition (1)
A service that is designed and operated to minimize downtime.
Definition (2)
A service designed and operated to achieve uptime of 99.99% or more.
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