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6 Examples of an Offline Network

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An offline network is a network that isn't connected to the internet. This is typically done to enhance security where internet services aren't required. The following are illustrative examples.


Game hardware that supports multiplayer gameplay using near-field communication. Such networks can be established locally without coordination by a cloud server.

Embedded Systems

As an alternative to the internet of things, devices can communicate using local protocols without connecting to the internet. For example, an electronic key that opens a vehicle with secure local communications.

Home Network

A home network that isn't connected to the internet. For example, a network that is used to integrate devices such as storage, game systems, televisions, printers and laptops. This can be done for security reasons and doesn't preclude having another network that is internet connected in the home.


A facility such as a nuclear power station that is specifically not connected to the internet in any way as a security precaution.

Campus Area Network

A network that connects multiple sites such as multiple factories.


Infrastructure such as a canal that is managed using a private wide area network that isn't internet connected.
Overview: Offline Network
A network that isn't connected to the internet.
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