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9 Types of Augmented Product

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An augmented product is a product that includes intangible benefits beyond the physical product itself. The following are common types of intangible benefits that are included with products.


Delivering the product to the customer's door.


A warranty on the product and process for the customer to return the product or make a claim against the warranty.

Customer Service

A service that allows the customer to contact you with requests, issues and inquiries.


Financing services.

Installation & Configuration

Installing the product and configuring it for the customer.


Customizing the product to the customer's requirements.


Updates for the product such as ongoing security patches for software.


Services that come with the product. For example, a mobile device that comes with internet connectivity.

Customer Experience

The end-to-end experience of buying and using the product including all interactions between your firm and the customer. For example, your website and retail environments are part your product's customer experience.
Overview: Augmented Products
A product that includes intangible benefits beyond the physical product itself.
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