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20 Types of Training Method

Training methods are techniques for developing the knowledge and abilities of individuals. This includes methods for instructor-led training, self-learning, group learning and other training models such as coaching. The following are common types of training method.


Communication of knowledge in a verbal and visual format often includes a question/answer session.


Performing tasks or experiments that illustrate knowledge.

Virtual Learning Environment

Digital platforms for delivering training such as lectures, question/answer sessions, demonstrations, simulations, business games, collaborative exercises and tests.

Collaboration & Practice

Completing work as an individual or team to apply knowledge, gain experience and develop abilities.
The process of creating new things. Also known as synthesis. Implies a completely open solution space.
Arranging elements. For example, arranging the visual components of a user interface or building something with blocks.
Digging deeper into a topic by finding sources of information.
Developing experiments to obtain information.
Developing written, verbal and visual communications. For example, developing a strategy and communicating it with a poster and presentation.
Evaluating information to make a decision.
Arriving at a strategy, plan, decision, design or solution as a group.
Arguing for opposing viewpoints. Tends to generate creative tension.
The systematic collection and decomposition of information. For example, the process of developing requirements.
Developing solutions, workarounds, stopgaps and transition designs for problems.
Case Studies
A detailed examination of a real world situation.
Identifying actions that achieve goals.
Planning tasks that implement strategy.
Creating work products such as software.


An intensive period of collaborative design. For example, a training session for engineers and architects that involves designing a passive lighting system as a team.


An intensive period of collaborative development such as a video game development conference that involves developing a game or mod over two or three days.


Exercises in creating something spontaneously while building on the work of others. Often used as an exercise to break people out of a rigid and cautious frame of mind.

Role Playing

Asking participants to adapt their behavior to a role. For example, customer service training where individuals are asked to play a dissatisfied customer.

Tests & Certifications

Testing the knowledge and abilities of participants to gauge further training needs and to certify that an individual is ready for a role, task or training program.


Trying to fit as many facts into your head as possible in a short period of time in order to spit them back out on to an exam paper. Businesses known as cram schools are a type of training for this purpose that focus on memorizing and practicing problems aimed at a particular test. Cramming may lead to a poor understanding of a topic relative to test scores. It can also kill the joy of learning in students. However, cramming is a form of adversity that may make students more resilient to stresses such as work that requires intense concentration and sustained effort.

Rote Learning

Learning by repetition. For example, language training that introduces a vocabulary and grammar pattern and then proceeds to several exercises that repeat the pattern and vocabulary in a wide variety of situations.

Mastery Learning

Training that requires students to master a topic before moving on to more advanced materials. For example, a piano teacher who requires a student to master the basics such as ear training, notation and rhythm before moving on.


Training that seeks to instill a passion for a topic as opposed to practical knowledge. This can be extended to training that is intended to create a love of learning itself such as a forest kindergarten that teaches children to enjoy the process of discovery.

Active Learning

Training that involves participants in a dynamic way such that they set the direction of things. For example, a charrette with a theme such as sustainable architecture where participants decide what to research and design.


Structured or unstructured play such as a business game designed to explore the first principles of economics.


The simulation of real world environments and situations such as pilot training in a flight simulator that provides experience with scenarios such as emergencies.

On The Job Training

The process of learning at a work site such as an office. For example, an internship that offers direct work experience in a profession and industry.

Coaching & Mentoring

An experienced individual who offers advice and feedback in the form of knowledge of performance and knowledge of results.


An introduction to an environment, culture or organization designed to help an individual get started. For example, a school that welcomes students with a program of information and social activities designed to help students develop social bonds.


A system of study for a profession that combines classroom instruction and on the job training. Apprenticeships may last 3-7 years and allow participants to gain mastery of a profession.
Overview: Training Methods
Techniques for developing the knowledge and abilities of individuals.
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