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17 Types of Customer Service Objectives

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Customer service objectives are targets for customer service. They are used to measure strategy and performance. Objectives may also be stated on a resume to communicate your understanding of the needs of a perspective employer. The following are common types of customer service objectives.

Customer Satisfaction

Diligent and friendly service that leaves the customer feeling satisfied. Customer satisfaction is measured with surveys and is a common way to evaluate customer service.

Customer Loyalty

Retaining a customer and regularly selling to them. Customer loyalty can be measured as the number of customers who regularly make purchases.

Customer Lifetime Value

Another customer loyalty metric based on the estimated lifetime revenue from a customer.

Customer Recovery

The goal of turning a dissatisfied customer into a satisfied one. An unhappy customer can be an opportunity to impress as customers often feel a sense of gratitude if you are able to address their concerns in a friendly and diligent way.


Measures of productivity such as the number of calls handled in a hour of work.


Sales targets such as upselling revenue.

Ratings & Reviews

Targets based on external ratings & reviews. For example, a hotel that would like to improve its ratings on popular travel sites as opposed to measuring targets with internal customer satisfaction surveys.

Customer Experience

Customer experience includes anything that improves the value of products and services for customers. For example, a hotel might have a target of having more comfortable beds than the competition.


Improving customer service processes or customer experience. This is usually a cycle of measurement, improvement and measurement. For example, an airline might experiment with new types of meals, measure customer experience and make changes based on feedback.


Targets related to engaging customers and using their ideas to improve customer service.

Customer Advocacy

Customer advocates are employees who are paid to represent the customer as opposed to the firm. They typically have targets related to customer satisfaction and driving improvement based on customer feedback.

Service Culture

Targets related to your organizational culture such as a program of openly sharing service failures to identify strategies and tactics to avoid future failures.

Product Knowledge

Product knowledge objectives such as completion of training and certifications that improve your ability to help customers.

Training & Development

Training and development in areas such as soft skills that are likely to improve customer service.

Customer Relationships

Targets related to building and maintaining customer relationships. For example, an account executive with a target to call customers once a quarter to see if they have any questions or concerns regarding their products and services.


Customer service targets related to brand image and reputation. Generally speaking, superior customer service slowly builds brand value and poor customer service can quickly destroy brand value through bad publicity. It is possible to measure customer service with brand awareness questions such as "can you name a friendly and reliable airline?"

Word of Mouth

A target to generate positive word of mouth with customer service. Social media, product reviews and blogs have made word of mouth highly visible and measurable.
Overview: Customer Service Objectives
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