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42 Examples of Team Experience

Team experience is the process of working together as a group and the culture, shared purpose, relationships and talents that emerge from this experience. This is forged through shared experience, particularly the process of facing challenges together and working to overcome them as a team. Team experience is also shaped by culture and the daily habits, norms and expectations of teams. The following are illustrative examples.
A shared sense of purpose
Achieving high-pressure deadlines
Adapting to external change as a team
Atmosphere of mutual respect or lack thereof
Becoming more competitive as a team
Celebrating successes
Challenging projects
Creativity and experimentation processes
Cross-functional teamwork with other teams
Cross-training and skill sharing
Ethical climate
Helping each other solve problems
Helping each other to deal with stress such as customer complaints
How your team reacts to brave ideas
Inclusion and exclusion
Intensive periods of teamwork
Learning from failure
Making it through a crisis as a team
Mentorship and guidance
Meritocracy versus promotions based on seniority or identity
Overcoming issues and obstacles
Participating in conferences and other professional events
Periods of cost cutting and increased efficiency
Periods of fast growth and rapid change
Political battles with other teams
Political climate on team
Resolving team conflicts
Rites of passage such as a retirement party
Sense of belonging
Sense of comradery and esprit de corps
Sense of shared team identity
Sharing information
Social meals and other regular social opportunities
Solving problems as a team
Support during challenging times
Support for initiative and risk taking
Team building experiences
Team habits such as team meetings
Team habits, norms and expectations
Team traditions
The process of building credibility on team
Usability of technology and tools
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