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5 Types of Management Team

A management team is a team of individuals who manage other teams. Such teams may have common objectives and work cooperatively. Alternatively, they may be adversarial and compete to achieve objectives. The following are illustrative examples of a management team.

Executive Management

Executive managers reporting to the CEO of an organization are typically referred to as an executive team. There may be a high degree of cooperation between core members of an executive team such as a CEO, CFO, CMO and COO. Executive teams are also known to be adversarial and this may be encouraged by a CEO to maintain control and motivate members to perform.

Governance Body

A team that provides basic oversight, direction and control to an organization, department, function or program. For example, an IT governance team may consist of information technology managers and a few technical advisors such as information security experts and software architects. Governance bodies typically control funding and define a set of due diligence steps that are required to release funds. For example, requiring that all IT projects have a budget plan and undergo information security reviews.

Functional Management

The managers in a functional department such as human resources, information technology, operations, marketing and sales may form management teams that report to the heads of each department. For example, sales management might meet once a week to discuss common initiatives such as a product launch or sales incentives plan.

Programs & Projects

The steering committee of a program or project is typically composed of project stakeholders who are managers or executive managers. A steering committee provides oversight, monitoring, direction and control of a program or project and are accountable for its success or failure.


Organizations form committees at the board, executive management and department levels. These are permanent or temporary structures that investigate problem spaces and make decisions. For example, a board level compensation committee that decides how to compensate executive management. At the department level, a committee might take on a business goal that spans multiple functional areas such as service quality.
Overview: Management Team
A team of individuals who manage other teams.
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