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12 Examples of an Information Diet

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An information diet is an individual's consumption of information. This is an analogy to the consumption of food that suggests that people can make healthy or unhealthy information choices. An information diet is a behavior driven by motivations such as curiosity. The following are illustrative examples of an information diet.


An addiction to information that consumes much of your time, potentially damaging your results in real life in areas such as employment, social relationships, community involvement and personal fulfillment.


An individual who finds information sources such as the internet to be intimidating such that they avoid it even if they need to know something.

Filter Bubble

Seeking information that conforms to your world view and banning any information sources that conflict with that view. Internet tools such as social media help individuals to avoid different points of view and may increase the divisions within a society. For example, an extreme point of view can seem normal if you find the few people on the internet who agree with you.

Social Fulfillment

Consuming mostly information about people, including people you know and/or celebrities. Fulfills social desires potentially at the cost of developing real relationships with the people around you.

Fear of Missing Out

People who feel driven to know about the news and the hot topics of the day.


Those who are on a mission to change people's minds about something who consume information in order to debate and convert people to their way of thinking.


People who are only drawn to information when they have work or studying to do. The procrastinators may view information consumption as a waste of time and regret time spent online.

Rumor & Innuendo

Consumption of information of questionable quality and truthfulness because it is more interesting than plain old facts. For example, a preference for information with high shock value.


Seeking information that feels peaceful and good such as videos of cats.


Escaping the real world to enjoy games, fiction, art, film and television.

Self Improvement

Consumption of knowledge to improve oneself. For example, a student who is learning to speak Korean who consumes online lessons and Korean television shows.

Task Oriented

People who seek information when they need to accomplish a task or make a decision.
Overview: Information Diet
An individual's consumption of information.
Associated With
Clay Johnson and his 2011 book entitled The Information Diet: A Case for Conscious Consumption.
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