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11 Examples of Change Management Metrics

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Change management metrics are measures of change leadership. Change management is the leadership practice of communicating to build momentum for change and to clear issues. This is typically measured by looking at the rate of change, execution of change and the realized benefits of change. The following are common change management metrics.

Budget Variance

Budget variance is the difference between approved budget and actual spend.

Schedule Variance

The difference between your schedule and actual delivery dates.

Rate of Change

The average number of successful changes implemented in a month. This may consider the complexity of change. For example, rate of change can be measured in story points per month.

Change Failure Rate

The percentage of total changes that fail in a month. This requires a definition of failure, such as a failure to meet budget and schedule targets. Alternatively, this can be based on changes that fail to launch.

Benefits Realization Rate

The percentage of the objectives in your business case that are realized upon launch. For example, hitting a revenue target in your business plan would be counted as a realized benefit and missing the target would be counted as a failure.

Payback Period

The actual amount of time that changes take to payback their cost. For example, the amount of time it takes a product that cost $1 million to develop and launch to generate $1 million in net income.

Return on Investment

The current forecast return on investment of changes. Return on investment can be forecast at any moment in time. For example, if a product has poor adoption after launch the return on investment forecast in the business case can be recalculated.

Adoption Rate

The adoption rate of an change. For example, the percentage of your customers who use a new function or feature.

Market Penetration Rate

The market penetration rate of a new product.

Time To Volume

The average time it takes new products to reach a target market penetration rate. For example, the number of days it takes a new service to reach 10,000 subscribers.

Stakeholder Satisfaction

Surveying the stakeholders of change to measure their satisfaction.
Overview: Change Management Metrics
Measures of change management.
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