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6 Examples of Consumables

 , updated on October 04, 2017
A consumable is a product that is typically used within a year. The following are common examples.

Fast Moving Consumer Goods

Products that consumers buy on a regular basis that are used up quickly such as food and cleaning supplies.


Goods that get used up in construction but aren't considered a material. This can include small tools such as a hammer and minor materials such as glue, weld rod and tape.


Goods used in the diagnosis and treatment of disease and injuries such as gloves, bandages, medicine and surgical disposables.


Supplies used to maintain and fix things such as fasteners, seals, lighting components and bearings used to maintain aircraft.

Operating Supplies

Goods used up by a business as part of its operations. For example, printer cartridges used in an office.


Goods used up by tourism related industries such as the soap in hotel rooms.
Overview: Consumables
A product that is typically used within a year.
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