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9 Types of Upselling

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Upselling is the practice of encouraging a customer to buy options, add-ons or more expensive versions of products. The following are common examples.

Premium Versions

Offering premium versions of products such as flower arrangements that are sold at several levels of quality.


Optional features such as a catalog of options for a car.


Allowing a customer to customize the design or look of a product such as color.


Services such as support or professional services. For example, software may be sold with consulting services. This allows the vendor to establish a close relationship with the customer that may lead to extensive future business.


Risk related products such as an extended warranted or insurance.


Offers to finance a purchase with a credit product.

Complementary Items

Cross-selling items that complement the product. For example, offering wifi access plans with mobile devices.

Popular Items

Offering popular items that aren't necessarily complementary to the product. For example, an ecommerce site may suggest a best selling book as an add-on for a purchase of strawberry jam.

Priority Items

In many cases, upselling is focused on selling items that are a strategic priority for the seller. For example, a store credit card may be difficult to upsell but may be the priority as it allows a firm to establish a long term relationship with the customer.
Overview: Upselling
The practice of encouraging a customer to buy additional or more expensive products and services.
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