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9 Examples of an Information Good

 , December 19, 2017
An information good is a product, service, experience or artifact that is valuable to people by virtue of the information it contains. Information goods can be digital or non-digital, commercial or non-commercial, tangible or intangible. The following are illustrative examples.


Content such as a book, ebook, website or newspaper.


Games such as a video game that offers an immersive experience in a virtual world.


Media such as movies, music and social media.


Advice such as investing advice.


Consulting services that produce knowledge products such as software or an analysis.


Designs such as a logo for a brand.


Data services such as a competitive intelligence service that provides data about customers, competitors and sales transactions in an industry.

Education & Training

Training and educational materials and services.


Research such as a university research project that documents a new finding in science.
Overview: Information Good
A good that is valuable by virtue of the information it contains.
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