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7 Examples of Product Adoption

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Product adoption is the process whereby a customer hears about a new product and decides to purchase it. This can be an easy process such as a customer who is a fan of a brand who tries new products that they release. It can also be a difficult process that spans decades as customers are hesitant to try an innovative new product that requires them to change the way they do things. The following are illustrative examples of product adoption.

Brand Awareness

A customer is aware of a fast moving consumer goods brand and has a positive image of it. The brand releases a new beverage product and the customer decides to try one.


A customer needs rechargeable batteries and they purchase the cheapest set they can find from a brand they recognize.

Customer Needs

A customer needs high quality snorkeling gear that doesn't have a plastic smell that fits an unusually large head comfortably. They read reviews for 2 hours before making a purchase.


A video game enthusiast often pre-orders new games that are in a category that interests them.


People who buy products that appear to have established a reasonable reputation. For example, a bicyclist who buys a model that has been around for a few years because they have heard good things.

Trend Follower

A gamer who doesn't buy a game until it is unusually popular.


A gamer who is still playing retro games who may catch up to current games in 20 years or so.
Overview: Product Adoption
The process whereby a customer hears about a new product and decides to purchase it.
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