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What is Quality Of Life?

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Quality of life is the self-reported sense of well-being reported by people in a particular nation, area, culture, socioeconomic group or demographic. It is widely used as a measure of governments, institutions, systems and environments. A high quality of life is generally recognized as a sign that a community is thriving.
Typically, well-being is considered a subjective term that can only be measured by each individual. However, some measures of quality of life are objective measures that look at factors such as economy, infrastructure, services and community in a particular country or region. There is often a wide divergence between objective and subjective measures of quality of life. For example, a community with an adequate economy, infrastructure and services may still suffer from social or community problems not captured by a particular objective measurement.
Overview: Quality Of Life
The self reported sense of well-being reported by people in a particular community or group.
Assessing governments, economies, institutions and organizations.
A primary goal of sustainability is to improve quality of life in the communities impacted by a business including customers, employees, partners and suppliers.
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