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17 Examples of Development Objectives

 , October 02, 2018
Development objectives are actionable plans to improve in your career, profession and role. This goes beyond your performance objectives to plan meaningful steps that bring you closer to your career goals. A common way to do this is to simply repackage your performance objectives to show how they will help you improve as a professional. Alternatively, you can identify side projects, training and experiences that you are planning to bring you closer to career goals. The following are illustrative examples.


GoalGain experience in managing a budget.
ObjectivePlan, submit and control a budget for the ABC project by the end of Q1.
MeasurementsOn time completion of budget, compliance to budget process, budget variance

Project Management

GoalGain project management experience.
ObjectiveManage a challenging project and deliver to schedule and budget.
Target date end of Q2
Measurements Schedule variance, budget variance, stakeholder feedback


Goal Improve architecture and design skills.
ObjectiveComplete architecture and design training.
Target dateend of Q2
MeasurementSuccessful completion of training

Professional Certification

GoalCertify capabilities as a project manager
ObjectiveComplete project management training and obtain professional certification by Q4.
MeasurementSuccessful certification


GoalDevelop strategic planning abilities
ObjectiveDevelop and pitch a business case for a new product.
Target dateend of Q3
MeasurementsSuccessful completion of business case, feedback, approval of budget


GoalImprove ability to influence and motivate teams and stakeholders.
ObjectiveLead the development team for the ABC project to represent the team with stakeholders, clear issues and deliver to commitments.
Target dateEnd of year
Measurements Feedback from stakeholders and team members, on time delivery of commitments

Time Management

GoalImprove time management skills.
ObjectiveExperiment with a new format to cut weekly team meeting to 30 minutes from 90 minutes without losing any value. Measure results and improve.
Target datestart in Q1
MeasurementsTime consumed by weekly meeting, participant feedback


GoalImprove work habits to increase my throughput.
ObjectiveWork from home one day a week where my environment is free from distraction to deliver at least 1000 lines of a code in a day.
Target datestart in Q1
MeasurementsThroughput in lines of code.


GoalDevelop creative abilities.
ObjectiveWork to improve my designs to significantly exceed client expectations.
Target datestart in Q1, ongoing
MeasurementsClient feedback


Goal Improve communication skills.
ObjectiveTake the lead to resolve production incidents by coordinating efforts across technology teams and business units.
Target dateend of Q4
MeasurementsMean time to repair

Public Speaking

GoalGain experience in public speaking.
ObjectiveComplete two presentations by the end of Q2.
MeasurementsSuccessful completion of two presentations, participant feedback.

Technical Skills

GoalLearn the ABC cloud platform API.
ObjectiveComplete training and write code that uses the ABC cloud platform API.
Target dateend of Q4
MeasurementsCompletion of training, check in code that uses the ABC API.

Customer Satisfaction

GoalImprove customer service skills.
ObjectiveCarefully tailor service to each customer by listening to their problems and reading their emotions and needs.
Target dateend of Q2
MeasurementCustomer feedback, customer satisfaction

Decision Making

GoalImprove decision making skills by developing innovative ways to measure alternatives.
ObjectiveDevelop risk scores for projects to incorporate the risk of failure in funding approvals.
MeasurementSuccessful development of risk scores for at least 70% of project proposals in the Q4 planning cycle.

Problem Solving

GoalImprove troubleshooting skills by gaining experience in resolving incidents.
ObjectiveParticipant in production support to resolve incidents.
Target dateend of Q4
MeasurementsNumber of incidents resolved, mean time to repair


GoalImprove analysis skills.
ObjectiveProduce a gap analysis to identify inefficiencies in the order fulfillment process.
Target dateend of Q3
MeasurementReduce the turnaround time of the order fulfillment process by at least 10%.


GoalDevelop project planning skills.
ObjectiveDeliver a project charter for the ABC project by Q2.
MeasurementsCompletion of project charter, stakeholder sign off


Development objectives are typically designed to be specific, measurable, achievable, relevant and time-bound, or SMART.
Development objectives are also known as professional development objectives, personal development objectives and career development objectives.

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