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7 Types of Digital Transformation

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Digital transformation is a plan to redefine an organization's use of information technology. This is associated with technology-driven strategies that aim to improve an organization's digital maturity. The following are common elements of a digital transformation.

Business Model

Changing your business model to adapt to technological change in your industry. For example, an advertising firm that shifts to digital advertising platforms.

Product Development

Not being shy to use technology to solve customer problems. For example, a coffee shop that tracks their supply chain such that they are able to name the exact farmers who produced a particular cup of coffee. May address customer concerns related to sustainability.


Advancing the use of data to discover strategies, optimize operations, manage risk and improve decisions. For example, a restaurant chain that experiments with hundreds of new menu items at different locations to collect data and discover items that work unusually well to be launched across a region.


Automating processes and providing decision support for tasks.


Practices and tools to avoid knowledge loss and knowledge waste.


Providing technologies that allow everyone in your organization to explore data, share knowledge and develop toolsets.

Organizational Culture

Working on your organizational culture to shift towards acceptance of change. For example, generating awareness of the fast rate of change in your industry.
Overview: Digital Transformation
A strategy designed to improve an organization's use of information technology.
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