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6 Examples of a Search Good

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A search good is a product or service that is easy to evaluate before you buy. This is typically contrasted with an experience good or credence good that is difficult to judge in terms of quality, functions, features or price before a purchase. The following are illustrative examples of a search good.


Consumer electronics such as a tablet computer. It is common for media to be filled with reviews, opinions and information about the functions, features, quality and usability of popular devices.


Detailed professional reviews of automobiles are produced in significant quantity. It is also possible to find official evaluations such as consumer reports and crash test data.


Restaurants were long considered an experience good that is difficult to evaluate in advance. However, reputation systems that allow users to review restaurant experiences has made it possible to research restaurants in advance of a visit.


Movies reviews and trailers allow the quality of a film to be estimated in advance.


Game reviews, trailers and trial versions that allow a game to be experienced before purchasing.


Information tools such as an app that allows you to view a digital twin of furniture in your home to see if it fits.
Overview: Search Good
A product or service that is easy to evaluate before you buy.
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