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9 Types of Internal Branding

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Internal branding is the process of building a brand from the inside out. When branding strategies are focused exclusively on marketing to customers, a brand's identity is likely to feel inauthentic and forced. Internal branding is the practice of aligning what you say and what you do. The following are common types of internal branding.

Brand Strategy

Involving employees in branding. For example, ask all teams or individual contributors to submit a short statement of what the brand means to them.


Get insiders talking about the brand. Communicate brand initiatives to employees and encourage them to share it openly.

Corporate Culture

Work to align your norms, rituals, expectations and habits to your brand.


Training that goes beyond the technical details of how to do a job. Explain why work is important and how practices connect to your identity and values as a firm.

Customer Experience

Design and deliver experiences that live up to your brand in areas such as customer service, communications, websites, tools, products, services and environments.


Quality control and the design of quality products beginning with product development.


Aligning operations practices in areas such as sustainability to stated brand values, mission and vision.


Recruiting people who match your culture and brand. If your brand claims to be obsessed with sports, hire people who are obsessed with sports.

Performance Management

Performance management that reflects your brand. If your brand is about diligent and friendly customer service, this would be reflected as goals for any employees who meet customers.
Overview: Internal Branding
Building a brand from the inside out such that the brand's identity and values are an accurate reflection of your culture, customer experience and operations.
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