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What is Business Analysis?

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Business analysis is the practice of developing knowledge, measurements, evaluations and plans for an organization. It is a broad practice that is commonly applied to strategy planning, operations, projects, risk management, technical analysis, budget planning, competitive intelligence and business development. The following are illustrative examples of business analysis.


Discovering information required by a business. For example, investigating the costs associated with a strategy.

Feasibility Study

Determining if a strategy, plan or approach is feasible given a set of goals and constraints.


Developing measurements and metrics.

Financial Analysis

Financial analysis such as a calculation of return on investment for a strategy.


Predicting future outcomes such as a sales forecast.


Estimating costs, task completion times and risk.


The design of solutions such as processes and procedures.

Requirements Gathering

Collecting requirements from stakeholders and resolving inconsistencies to produce a cohesive set of business requirements.

Needs Analysis

Discovering requirements such as an analysis of things that need to be done to comply with a regulation or standard.

Gap Analysis

Discovering inefficiencies and risks in the current state of your business.

Use Cases

Use cases are a way to model the things that users need from an interface.

Market Research

Collecting information about customer needs, preferences and markets.

Problem Analysis

Determining the root cause of problems and proposing fixes.

Data Analysis

Discovering and interpreting data to support decision making.

Management Accounting

Management accounting is the development of measurements that are useful to management decisions such as the throughput of a process.
Overview: Business Analysis Definition
The practice of developing knowledge, measurements, evaluations and plans for an organization.
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