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Information Technology, or IT, is a broad range of technologies based on computing, networks and data storage. Such technologies process information at high speed and are commonly used in automation, transaction processing, knowledge processes, decision making, problem solving, control systems, robotics, data analysis, information access and entertainment.
Information and Communications Technology, or ICT, is a broader term that includes telecommunications infrastructure such as mobile phone networks with IT.

The Difference

It can be said that IT and ICT are essentially the same thing. Modern communication technologies are mostly digital systems anyway. The technology industry has a history of using the longest acronyms possible and ICT is perhaps an extension of this tendency.
In terms of usage, ICT is essentially a European term that has made its way to North American and Asia to some degree. It tends to be used by industry insiders, particularly by infrastructure related industries and professions.


Digital convergence is a long term technology trend whereby technologies not considered IT such as communications, broadcasting, transport, manufacturing systems, architecture, physical infrastructure, energy and space are starting to resemble information technology. In this context, singling out communications as being part of IT is increasingly irrelevant.
Technology related to computing data.
Technology related to computing data and communications.
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