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81 Examples of ICT

 , October 28, 2016 updated on April 29, 2020
ICT, or information and communications technology, is a broad term for digital infrastructure including software platforms, foundational services, networks and data centers. This is essentially an extension of the term IT to include the services of traditional telecom companies that offer communications services such as voice in addition to other IT services. The following are common elements of ICT.
AI Platforms
API Platforms
Asset Management
Business Intelligence
Business Process Management
Business Software
Collaboration Tools
Compliance Platforms
Computing Platforms
Content Delivery Network
Content Management
Customer Relationship Management
Data Management
Data Migration
Data Mining
Data Sharing
Development Platforms
Digital Advertising
Edge Computing
End-User Computing
End-User Devices
Enterprise Resource Planning
Event Processing
Facility Management
Factory Automation
Game Platforms
Governance Platforms
Health Systems
IP Telephony
Identity and Access Management
Information Security Platforms
Information Visualization
Infrastructure Management
Infrastructure as a Service
Instant Messaging
Internet of Things
Knowledge Management
Load Balancing
Machine Learning
Marketing Platforms
Markets & Exchanges
Mobile Platforms
Natural Language Platforms
Network Management
Network Monitoring
Network Services
Office Productivity
Operations Platforms
Payment Systems
Procurement Platforms
Risk Management Platforms
Robotics Platforms
Sales Force Automation
Satellite Services
Scientific Computing
Search Applications
Service Desk
Service Directories
Service Management
Service Monitoring
Social Media
Speech Recognition
Statistical Analysis
Storage Platforms
Transaction Processing
Unified Communications
Video Conferencing
Voice Services
Wireless Networks


ICT is a term that is meant to include IT and telecom as a single concept. This makes sense due to a process of digital convergence whereby IT companies are becoming telecom companies and telecom companies are becoming IT companies and media companies. ICT is often used to describe the technology sector of the economy. It is more often used to describe foundational infrastructure as opposed to consumer technology. Some definitions of ICT start listing specific technologies such that they fail to be broad and general. The following are reasonable definitions of ICT.
(1) Digital infrastructure.

(2) The sector of the economy that provides foundational technology services and platforms.


The term ICT is primarily used by governments, telecom companies and academics. IT companies are likely to avoid the term as they view it as tied to telecom which they view as an old industry.


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Business Software
Consumer Technology
Content Management
Data Management
Data Migration
Data Mining
Edge Computing
End-User Computing
Event Processing
Facility Management
Internet Of Things
Load Balancing
Machine Learning
Office Productivity
Service Desk
Service Management
Social Media
Statistical Analysis
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