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The Value of Humility to Leadership

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Humility was famously defined by C.S. Lewis as "not thinking less of yourself but thinking of yourself less." It is associated with respect for others. Humility is also associated with respect for forces such as uncertainty, change and competition that have potential to disrupt your plans.
The value of humility to leadership is that it discourages a leader from being easily self-satisfied leading to poor performance. A leader with excessive pride may take credit early, often and unfairly and be constantly delighted with their own performance. Leaders with humility may see weaknesses in their greatest wins, allowing their leadership to improve. The ability to stay grounded, critical and focused when successful may have significant long term advantages.
Overview: Humble Leadership
A leader who manages to stay grounded despite power, success and status.
Staying critical and focused when successful.
Building rapport and earning respect.
Avoiding the pitfalls of excessive pride such as underestimating risk, complexity, competition and markets.
Associated Myths
That humility somehow interferes with confidence.
That humility is timid or non-commanding.
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