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21 Examples of a Revenue Model

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A revenue model describes how a business generates income. This is less comprehensive than a business model that describes how an business captures value. Revenue models are specific to how revenue is structured and priced. The following are common revenue models.
Admission Fees
Paying to attend an event or club good such as a theme park.
Fees to get a message to an audience.
Trying to buy low and sell high to take advantage or price differences between markets.
Earning a commission on a transaction such as a real estate agent who charges the buyer or seller a fee to close a transaction.
Donations or ongoing donations by subscription.
Fixed Fee
Delivering labor on a project, activity, task or deliverable for one fixed fee.
Providing a turnkey business for a fee.
Free Trials
Offering a limited time for free after which a service requires payment.
Offering a free version of a service with charges for upgrades.
Hourly rate
Charging an hourly rate for labor, consulting, freelancing or professional services.
Fees for transferring a risk. This generates a fund that can be invested until the risk occurs.
Interest on loans and other credit products.
Allowing others to use intellectual property for a fee.
A recurring fee for access to a service.
Charges based on use or consumption of a resource.
Membership, licensing or subscription fees for multiple users. Common in industries such as business software.
Rental and Leasing
Paying to use an asset for a period of time.
Sales Markup
Selling goods and services at more than your cost. A common revenue model across manufacturing, wholesale, retail and ecommerce.
A recurring fee for access or regular deliveries.
Time and materials
Charging an hourly fee for labor plus any expenses that are incurred on behalf of the customer.
Transaction Fees
Fees for a transaction such as a payment.
While there are a large number of business models and industries, there are very few revenue models. Most businesses either charge markup, service fees, usage fees, commissions or transaction fees. Subscriptions are a type of recurring service fee.
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