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What is Design For Logistics?

 , updated on October 25, 2016
Design for logistics is the design of products for manufacturing, packaging, shipping, warehousing, merchandising and repackaging for returns. It commonly includes goals such as scale, cost efficiency, environmental impact, security and marketing. The following are common examples.


Producing an entire furniture line from the same wood and standard parts in order to simplify planning, manufacturing and supply chain.

Flat Packs

Designing products to fit efficiently into a rectangular box.


Designing products to fit in boxes that fit efficiently into standard shipping containers.


Products designed to fit on shelves or look attractive in a fixed size display unit.
Overview: Design For Logistics
TypeProduct Design
DefinitionThe design of products for manufacturing, packaging, shipping, warehousing, merchandising and repackaging for returns.
ValueReducing costs and environmental impact.
Simplifying planning and improving operational efficiency.
Marketing benefits such as products that look good on shelves.
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