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Customer Experience
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Customer Experience

9 Examples of Customer Engagement

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Customer engagement is the frequency and duration of interactions with a customer that have value to your marketing efforts. It is a broad measure that is typically customized to the industry, business and marketing area. The following are illustrative examples of customer engagement.


Purchases are the most common type of engagement tracked.


A fashion brand counts visits to a website, app or location as an engagement. They target 95% of customers having at least one engagement a month.


A customer views an advertisement.


Interactions with your sales team such as a meeting.


Conversations with a customer such as an online inquiry or call to your customer support.


A customer shares opinions or ratings concerning your products and services in a public forum.

User Engagement

How much time customers spend using your products and services and how satisfied they are with that time. This has value as customers who use your products often are more likely to buy upgrades and new features.

Brand Engagement

Customer engagement is also commonly tracked at the brand level. For example, a customer searches for your brand name in a search engine.


A customer completes a goal that you have set up such as signing up for a loyalty program or providing feedback in a survey.
Overview: Customer Engagement
The frequency and duration of interactions with a customer that have value to your marketing efforts.
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