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6 Types of Brand Authenticity

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Brand authenticity is the degree to which the operations, products and customer experience of a firm match its brand identity and values. The following are common types of brand authenticity.


A firm built from the ground up with sustainable values such as a small organic cosmetics company that puts significant effort into responsible practices and sourcing of ingredients.


Embracing the culture surrounding your products. For example, a company that sells snowboards that is filled with avid snowboarders who know the sport inside out.


A brand that has a culture of respect for the customer.


An authentic approach to product design such as art for art's sake or an obsession with solving customer problems.


Designing quality into products, processes and services with techniques such as reliability engineering.


Respecting and contributing to the communities in a firm operates. For example, designing coffee shops to match the local architecture and contributing to local causes.
Overview: Brand Authenticity
The degree to which the operations, products and customer experience of a firm match its brand identity and values.
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