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20 Examples of Job Goals

Job goals are objectives for an employee's performance. These are agreed upon between an employee and an employer at the beginning of a performance period. Job goals are typically designed to be smart and to align with the goals of your team and organization. The following are illustrative examples.


Productivity is the amount of work you complete in a period of time. Goals for productivity often quantify the amount of work you plan to deliver.
Complete an average of 3 designs per month.


Improving efficiency by reducing cost. Cost targets can be tied to the projects and initiatives that you are sponsoring or delivering.
Reduce shipping costs by consolidating orders made in the same day into the same shipment.

Time Management

A goal to deliver your work in a timely fashion.
Meet commitments to the shipping consolidation project by delivering all work products on time.


Improving the customer experience or your interactions with customers.
Improve customer satisfaction by delivering diligent and friendly service. Target: 80% customer satisfaction rate for my accounts.


Improving the quality of your work or your firm's products and services.
Deliver quality code with zero defects in production.


Revenue targets are a primary type of goal for any role that has a direct and measurable impact on sales.
Close sales with a target of $40,000 in monthly recurring revenue.


In many cases, gross margin targets are appropriate for revenue generating roles such as salespeople or sales managers.
Achieve gross margins of 40% for closed deals on a weighted average basis.


One way to measure your work is to ask your stakeholders for feedback.
Provide analysis and support to business units. Measurement: feedback from stakeholders.


Communication related objectives such as giving a presentation or sending out weekly reports.
Present to the IT governance board on a monthly basis to build support for initiatives and sell the value of our team. Measurement: board approval of budget requests, passing project reviews


Marketing related job goals are often measured with marketing metrics such as conversion rate or brand recognition.
Launch advertising campaigns to improve brand recognition amongst our target market. Target: 50% brand recognition by Q4


Management is the control of resources and direction of people. Managers may both sponsor initiatives and be responsible for the delivery of work sponsored by other teams.
Sponsor a data cleansing initiative that improves the quality of customer data. Target: reduce data inconsistencies from the current estimate of 8,000 variances to less than 1,000 variances.


Administration is the organization of business practices and processes. This may be measured in terms of process metrics or successfully delivering to the commitments of a business practice.
Plan and organize the yearly review session. Measurement: feedback from executive team.


Delivering a document such as a plan can be a goal that is measured in terms of schedule, feedback and gaining approvals.
Deliver the quality improvement plan. Target: January 24th Measurement: Approval by business units


Organizational tasks such as conducting meetings can be listed as job goals.
Hold weekly team meetings to align work, solve problems and make decisions as a team. Measurement: feedback from participants, number of issues closed


Improving business capabilities or launching new ones.
Develop and launch a system to monitor the prices of key competitors. Measurement: system launched by Q4 with full monitoring of our top 7 competitors.


Automating work to reduce toil and improve work quality.
Develop and launch a script to detect partners that are over pricing their offerings to automatically rank these partners lower in search results. Measurement: launch by Q4, reduce customer complaints related to overpricing by 80%.

Risk Management

Risk management is the process of identifying, treating and monitoring risk.
Perform a risk analysis that identifies the risks associated with aging equipment at facilities A and B. Target: reduce overall risk exposure by $1 million.


Compliance with laws, regulations, standards and best practices.
Reduce reportable information security incidents. Target: reduction of at least 50% as compared to last year.


Creative pursuits such as design are typically measured in terms of their impact on customers, stakeholders, revenue or costs.
Improve the user interface and overall design of the remote control for our line of residential air conditioning units. Target: improve customer perceptions of usability to over 90% in both the market research and production phase.

Career Development

It is common for performance evaluations and career planning to be separate exercises. Nevertheless, it is common to shape job goals to communicate professional development targets.
Demonstrate leadership by helping junior members of the team deliver quality work on time and on budget. Measurement: feedback from team members.
Overview: Job Goals
Objectives for an employee's performance.
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