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3 Examples of a Personal Area Network

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A personal area network is a network that connects multiple devices for the use of a single user. The following are illustrative examples.

Body Area Network

A mobile network that moves with a person. For example, a person establishes a network connection with a smart phone and then creates a network to share that connection with other devices such as a tablet.

Offline Network

A home network designed to integrate devices such as printers, computers, televisions, data storage and appliances that isn't connected to the internet. A network used by an entire family is considered a local area network.

Small Home Office

A home office is set up with its own network that is separate from the network used by other devices in the home. This network is used to connect a variety of devices to the internet and to a corporate network using a VPN.
Overview: Personal Area Network
A network that connects multiple devices for the use of a single user.
Also Known As
Personal Network
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