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27 Examples of User Analysis

User analysis is the process of systematically working to understand the user experience. This is done to improve the design and delivery of products, services and environments. The following are examples of user analysis.
Target user
Identify the target user.
User roles
Identify user roles such as different ways a service is used.
Identify user demographics such as age groups that use a product.
Identify user psychographics such as attitudes and interests.
Identify groups of users that you will analyze.
Interview users.
Use surveys to measure the user experience.
Focus Groups
Interview users as a group.
Lead Users
Develop relationships with advanced users who know your product.
If you can’t meet real users, create fictional known as personas.
Feedback analysis
Analyze sources of feedback such as reviews.
Scenario analysis
Identify situations users encounter with a product or service.
Task analysis
Analyze how users accomplish tasks using a product or service.
Use cases
Simple diagrams or descriptions that capture how users interact with a product.
User stories
Narratives that describe user interactions.
Point points
Specific problems faced by users.
Journey map
Document the end-to-end user experience.
User needs
What do users need?
User goals
What are users trying to accomplish?
User motivation
What drives the user’s behavior?
User expectations
What do users expect from products and services?
User perceptions
How do users perceive products, services, interfaces and variables such as colors?
User behavior
Patterns of behavior in using a product or service.
User culture
Analyzing the culture surrounding products and services e.g. safety culture for using tools.
Prototype products or elements of products such as a user interface.
Usability testing
Test designs with users to determine if they are pleasing and productive to use.
User requirements
Develop requirements for products and services based on user analysis.
Interviewing or at least surveying users is generally more realistic and grounded than the fiction of personas. Lead users are also helpful to understand pain points and advanced use of your products.

User Analysis

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