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5 Examples of a Household Name

 , July 21, 2018 updated on September 06, 2022
A household name is a name that is recognized by most people in a nation. This can exist on a global basis such that a name is recognized by billions of people. The following are common types of household name.


The brand name of products and services. Brands that become a household name on a global basis typically invest in advertising that may do little more than display symbols of the brand in a positive context. This is based on consumer behavior and the tendency for people to prefer a brand simply because they recognize it.


Individuals who have significant fame, typically due to free media exposure. These are usually actors, professional athletes and politicians. Extremely wealthy individuals and notorious criminals are another common type of household name.


The titles of movies, books, video games and names of fictional characters may be become household names. This is typically due to the large number of people who consume the media. Media tends to be more memorable than products. As such, a movie title can quickly become a household name where a product brand name typically takes years to reach this status.

Art & Music

The names of musicians, artists, performing artists and related names such as the names of songs.


The term household name is occasionally used to promote a brand or individual. This is usually puffery as a real household name usually doesn't have to promote itself in this way. For example, a social media "celebrity" may claim to be a household name when they aren't anywhere close to that level of recognition.
Overview: Household Name
A name that is recognized by most people in a nation.
A proprietary name that becomes part of the vocabulary of a language such that people expect other people to know it.
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