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5 Examples of Strategic Intent

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Strategic intent is the overall direction of a organization's strategy. It is often an aspirational target that is difficult or perhaps impossible to achieve. Strategic intent serves to inspire, motivate and provide clear direction to stakeholders such as employees, investors and customers. The following are common elements of strategic intent.


The reason an organization exists. For example, a space agency that exists to advance human knowledge and exploration of the universe.


A vision for an organization's future. This is a far target that serves as an inspiration and long term direction. For example, an energy company with a vision of serving global energy needs with zero environmental impact.


End results that an organization plans to achieve such as an energy company that plans 5 gigawatts of new solar capacity within 3 years.


Objectives are meaningful steps on the path to achieving goals such as an energy company that plans to test a new battery system.


Plans are detailed steps to achieve objectives. For example, a plan that outlines the hundreds of steps involved in testing a new battery system.
Overview: Strategic Intent
The overall direction of a organization's strategy.
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