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7 Types of Technological Progress

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Technological progress is technological change that improves quality of life. This includes any technology that is invented, adopted and improved such that it advances the wellbeing and resilience of communities. The following are the basic types of technological progress.


Tools that improve productivity. This allows people to produce more in an hour of work leading to economic abundance and more leisure time.


Technologies that reduce resource consumption or that give you more output for a unit of input.


Modern technologies are unlikely to be viewed as progress if they worsen environmental problems. If technology has been the cause of large scale environmental issues there is some hope that it can also offer solutions in areas such as renewable energy.


Technologies that reduce risk such as water infrastructure that reduces the risks associated with drought. Technologies can also introduce new risks and society is typically slow to manage such risks.


Improvements in the quality of products and services. For example, educational tools that allow education to be tailored to the interests and learning style of individual students.


Technologies that allow knowledge to be created and openly shared. For example, the internet has opened up vast stores of knowledge to a large number of people.

Quality of Life

Historically, technological change has focused on scaling production and transportation to meet the material needs of growing populations. This has caused pollution and other issues. However, it has increased life expectancy, reduced working hours and improved opportunities in technologically advanced nations.
Overview: Technological Progress
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