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5 Examples of Proximity Marketing

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Proximity marketing is the design of services, apps and communications to target or interact with customers when they are in close proximity to locations as a restaurant, shop or event. This is typically based on proximity awareness technology or location data from devices such as mobile phones. The following are illustrative examples of proximity marketing.


Promoting and advertising to customers who are currently close to you.


Communicating price offers such as coupons to customers who are close to a restaurant or shop.

Customer Experience

Apps that interact with a physical environment such as a shop or product showroom. This can be used to gamify shopping experiences or help customers to explore. For example, an app could automatically highlight everything in a particular color and size in a clothing shop.


Offering proximity based services allows a retail location to track precise customer behavior metrics and store traffic patterns. For example, how often a customer ignores a particular store display or the length of customer visits.

Self Service

Self service functions such as answering questions about a product or self check out. For example, an app could automatically track your bill as you place items in a physical cart in a grocery store. At check out, there would be no need to scan the items.
Overview: Proximity Marketing
The design of services, apps and communications to target or interact with customers when they are in close proximity.
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